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Cross Country Mfg.

" Engineered for today. Built for a lifetime."
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Known throughout North America as the elite standard in the aggregate and heavy haul industry. Cross Country is redefining the boundaries of durability and innovation with cutting-edge features and unmatched reliability. Boasting a product list of over 130 trailer types, 60 dealer locations across the continent including Biltmore Truck & Equipment and responsive after-service support, Cross Country is able to offer you one of the finest products in the trailer industry.

These high strength Hardox steel trailers and bodies are built to last, while not adding excess weight. The durability of Hardox steel a trailer means fewer repairs and replacements, improving your bottom line. Contact us today to discuss how a Cross Country trailer can meet your company's specific needs.

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Cross Country boasts some of the finest made trailers on the market. Check out their official webpage for further details on their wide array of customizable trailers!
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